Nancy’s Goal: Sustainable lifelong fitness

I contacted Katt back in May of 2014 for personal training. My goal was to drop some body fat but more importantly to increase my strength and tone. I really wanted a transformation but realized I did not have the knowledge when it came to nutrition and weight training to achieve my goals. I found the gym intimidating and was really looking for someone to teach and challenge me.

When I met Katt, we discussed my fitness goals and started the process. She prepared a nutrition plan and a work out regimen for me. It was not an easy process at first and I felt somewhat discouraged but Katt was very supportive and motivating. She cares about your physical and emotional mindset throughout the process. Together we discussed my weekly achievements and tweaked my nutrition and work out plans accordingly to keep the momentum going strong.

I have attempted to “get fit” in the past and always failed due to an unsupportive trainer that was not assisting me in all areas of fitness – working out and nutrition.

Katt is an amazing trainer. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and knows how to cater to each one of her clients. I have trained with her for 6 months consistently 4 days a week. She has catered to my busy schedule, she has taught me how to work out and put me on a successful workout regime and she has taught me how to eat right for my body. What sets her apart from other trainers in my opinion is that she sets you up so that you can eventually work out on your own and continue to be successful. She even offered to workout with me at my own gym so that I can familiarize myself with the equipment and feel comfortable to continue working out on my own – you can’t get better than that!

Katt has affordable rates and she’s an incredibly supportive trainer that truly cares for her clients. If you want success when it comes to your health and fitness – use Katt!


Nancy B.