Munny’s Goal: Gain weight and look fit!



My awesome client came to me at barely 90 lb, standing at 5’3- doing lots of cardio and not eating enough food. NOW she has an awesome strong back; firm, lifted butt; lean and strong legs and arms, and abs!

Her diet plan: includes eating everything in sight. She eats healthy nutritious meals as well as things like Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Because she has a hard time gaining weight, she is practicing eating more. If she didn’t eat enough food, that would show at our session as lack of energy and strength, and it would be a wasted session (makes me frustrated and unhappy).

Training: Because she was so weak when we first started, we focused on basic exercises with very light resistance- goal was for her to learn how to use muscles properly without fatiguing. We worked on coordination, balance and overall strength before moving on to more complex exercises.

Cardio: Forbidden from doing cardio when we first started. Now she chooses to push the sled or flip tires as her form of cardio as those moves engage muscles as well as get the heart rate up. Conventional cardio such as jogging on the treadmill is not beneficial in her case as she is trying to gain weight.