Kaitlin’s Goal: Posture correction, fat loss and a lot of muscle gain!

This is Kaitlin! A very hardworking client who is now in love with training as she’s starting to see results! <3


She came to me because she thought she had put on some weight and felt uncomfortable with her body- even though she didn’t look it at all, she wanted to reverse it before it got worse.

Kaitlin after 2 months of training!

However, before we started training hard, we had to correct her posture. Her previous job was hard on her shoulders and pelvis and left her in a permanent Anterior Pelvic Tilt. As you can see in the picture, her pelvis is tilted, and her lower back is shortened, stomach is protruding.


So, even though she did not have a lot of fat on her belly, it made her belly look big. If she did any compound exercise she would feel it in her lower back rather than where she was supposed to. A squat or a deadlift would lead to discomfort in the lower back and nothing in the glutes. At the moment she is younger- but getting older without correcting this, she would have the all too familiar “back pain” that pretty much everyone complains about!


Our initial training focused on correcting her posture by strengthening the weaker muscles and relaxing the over-active muscles. One of the weaker muscle was the butt- so you can see now, she has a nice round butt without having to stick it out. 

Training also focused on reducing some fat and getting a lean, toned look- and now, two months later, she has a flatter belly, bigger quads and hamstrings, rounder butt, good posture and so much love for training! All if this only training with me twice a week and eating whatever she likes, and no cardio!

Now that she is able to train without any posture issues, our goal is to train for strength, put on more muscle and get shredded for summer 2018!

I am super excited to see Kaitlin makes gainz!!!!