Enea’s goal: lose weight, learn proper form, be independent at the gym!


This summer I made the best decision possible to hire a personal trainer. I found Kadeejah on Kijiji and messaged her immediately after realizing that she could offer everything I was looking for. Furthermore, after reading her blog and scrolling through her Instagram account, I confirmed that Kadeejah was the right trainer for me. I met with her first in mid-August 2017. I was nervous, out of shape, and really needed help with technique. Kadeejah walked me through each exercise and helped me learn proper form while looking out for an old knee injury and a sore back. Kadeejah motivated me by showing me my own strength and explaining exercises and their purpose instead of forcing me into a routine that made no sense to me. She helped teach me fundamentals that had not once before crossed my mind. I’d realized that for years I was doing basic exercises incorrectly! She makes training interesting and gives unique tips that help you perform workouts more effectively and efficiently! I recommend Kadeejah for anyone looking to learn proper form, increase strength and fitness levels, lose weight, improve their training skills or simply just improve their overall health (my original goal).

So far I’ve been seeing Kadeejah 1-2 times per week over the last couple of months. I’ve managed to lose over 7 pounds without changing my diet. Most importantly, I can now walk into any gym with the confidence of knowing what I’m doing and performing exercises correctly without injuring myself. I feel stronger and walk a lot straighter and I’m able to manage well on my feet especially at work as a nurse. I owe it all to Kadeejah, she’s an excellent and extremely intelligent trainer that will motivate you and get you on the right track towards your fitness goals! I am excited to continue my journey with her!