Rapid Fat-Loss Program

Toronto personal trainer

This program is great if you have more than 20 lb to lose. The focus is on weight-training as well as cardio progression over 12 weeks to lose fat in an efficient and safe manner. After 12 weeks, you can choose to move on to the Hourglass Physique Program.

The Rapid Fat Loss program is designed to help you create lasting habits so you don’t gain the weight back after the program is finished.

After your purchase, please fill out the form with your information. Once I receive your information, you will receive a confirmation email along with any other questions I have, and you will receive your completed program within 3-5 days!

*Comes with an accountability option (free)- I find clients who choose the accountability option are more likely to stick to the program and get faster results.


This client has 4 workouts per week, 16 workouts total in one month. Clicking on each exercise takes you to the video.

workout program

Hovering on the red corner takes you to the instruction and cues for each exercise. workout program

Notes include: warm up, corrective exercises, cool down, stretches, macronutrients, training notes and anatomy charts:

Example diet program:

diet program

Client (in Dubai) on my Rapid Fat Loss program lost 18 lb in 6 weeks!


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