Beginner/Intermediate: Bikini Body/Hourglass Physique Program

After years of consulting with women from all walks of life, with all type of body shapes, this is what they tell me they want. Small waist, lean legs, lifted butt, shapely shoulders, toned arms, giving them the coveted hourglass shape- more tightness, less flab, more curves, less fat.

Proper weight training is the key to building the right shape. This program includes the exercises you need to do to get the shape you want, not just for your butt and legs, but also upper body. You will not get bulky/manly, you will gain overall muscle to get a achieve a shapely, tight look as well as a fast metabolism that will you help maintain your body after you finish the program.


This client has 4 workouts per week, 16 workouts total in one month. Clicking on each exercise takes you to the video.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.59.26

Hovering on the red corner takes you to the instruction and cues for each exercise. 

workout program

Notes include: warm up, corrective exercises, cool down, stretches, macronutrients, training notes and anatomy charts:






Example diet program:






Client on my Bikini Body/Hourglass Physique Program in 10 weeks:








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