Beginner: At-Gym Training Program

This program was also created with the beginner in mind who is prone to get injured doing exercises wrong. I go to so many different gyms every day and see 99% of people exercising wrong and spinning their wheels, it pains me to see so many hard working people not getting the results they deserve. Proper form is required to get efficient results as you want to be working the muscles correctly. This 8-week program contains the safest and easiest exercises that can be done effectively to get results, without needing an in-person personal trainer.



This client has 4 workouts per week, 16 workouts total in one month. Clicking on each exercise takes you to the video. 

Hovering on the red corner takes you to the instruction and cues for each exercise. 

Notes include: warm up, corrective exercises, cool down, stretches, macronutrients, training notes and anatomy charts:

Example diet program- different for different people


After you pay, please fill out the form with your information. Once I receive your information, you will receive a confirmation email and receive your completed program within 3-5 days!

You also have an option of sending bi-weekly progress pictures to me at This option has proven to be far more helpful for clients sticking to their plan as I am in constant contact with you holding you accountable to your goal.

To get started, please fill out the following: