Personal Training

Toronto Personal Trainer

My Personal Training program is for women who are looking to get in shape but don’t know where to begin. My program has THREE components: Aesthetic Looks (lose fat, tone up, look great), Physical Health (reduce pain, don’t get out of breath doing everyday tasks, heart health) and Nutrition (for looks and health).

The Aesthetic Focus

The Aesthetic Focus is on achieving the female hourglass figure:  Lean legs, lifted buttocks, tiny waist, toned shoulders and arms. The focus is on the “fit and healthy” sports model or fitness model look that is maintainable everyday rather than just for the summer or vacation or whatever event.

The goal is not to get a nice body and then get out of shape again after you stop training. The goal is to maintain it.

The Health Focus

The Health Focus is on training properly for everyday life- so you stand upright, don’t slouch while sitting, don’t run out of breath going up a flight of stairs, clean your house without pain in your back, carry your kids without shoulder and hip pain. All of this requires strengthening your whole body to be able to handle everyday tasks that are required of you.

Strength comes from training properly. For example, performing a squat with a bad back will only aggravate your bad back when you are doing other activities. I want my clients to squat without feeling pain in their knees or hip or lower back. I don’t want them to feel the squat only in their quads either. I want them to feel a burn in their glute (butt) muscles. There is no point in performing an exercise if you don’t use the correct muscle.

Combining proper form with intense training will get you results without leaving you in pain. I take pride in my clients on being fit as well as looking fit.

The Nutrition Focus

My nutrition program gets you in shape using the foods you currently eat in your daily life. There are no diet foods that leave you feeling hungry and unhappy. You can get in shape eating everyday food. There is no starving involved; ALL of my clients are eating MORE than they were when they started with me and are looking better as you can see in the progress pictures section. There is no food that is off-limits to any of my clients. Everything is allowed- in moderation.