Fitness Mentorship Program: Online Training

Do you want to progress faster in your health and fitness goals?

Do you want a proven winner vested in your success?

Do you want to break through all the (known and unknown) barriers that are limiting your progress?

Do you feel lost in your fitness journey, not knowing whether you should lose fat or gain muscle (tone)? Not sure if you should focus on weight training? Not sure how many calories to eat? Not sure how to stick to your diet and training program?

Do you find yourself second-guessing your diet and training approach?

Do you want to avoid missteps that cost you valuable time or money?

Do you need someone to keep you focused and driven beyond what you can do for yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! I have helped SO MANY women break through their fitness plateaus- using simple, scientific approaches that they didn’t even know existed.

My Fitness Mentorship Program, is for clients who are unable to train with me in person for reasons such as location, time and cost. I created this program because this is exactly what I needed when I first started training- the ability to work with someone I trust will get me results without having to pay a fortune. I have designed this program to take the guesswork out of training and nutrition, and provide you with guidance and accountability to reach your goal. It is a blueprint to the healthier, fitter lifestyle you want, all you have to do is to trust the program and follow all of it- training, exercise videos, proper warm up and cool down, sets and reps for each exercise, proper sequence, proper diet, and lifestyle changes such as sleep and stress management.

Clients come to me for advice, education and motivation. Clients come to me for re-assurance that the program they are on WILL work and they are not wasting their time. As your coach, I know you need accountability to create healthy habits for real, long-term changes: Lose fat and keep it off; have a great relationship with food; build muscle and create the body of your dreams; practice self-control, grit and resilience; and never “diet” again.

This method of training is proving to be just as successful, if not more, as in-person training. I have mentorship clients in England, Dubai and the US who are getting the same results as my in-person clients, while paying 1/4th of the price. The best part is, there is no contract. All of my clients continue by choice.

The Mentorship Program includes:


- Exercise schedule with exercises that you can do at your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) for your goals (weight loss, general health, muscle gain, fitness model look, bikini look, etc), with the equipment available at your home or gym
- Different workout every day
- The order of exercises to be followed
- Exercise videos with proper form
- Number of sets and reps for each exercise
- Rest intervals between each set
- Warm up and cool down guide
- Cardio program
- Monthly updates
- Anatomy charts


- Guideline to dieting while living your life the way it is (busy social life, busy family life)
- Meal plans
- Daily calorie requirements
- Daily protein, carb and fat requirements
- Biweekly changes depending on your progress and goals
- Supplement advice and recommendations


- Immediate contact with me through Whatsapp for daily motivation, accountability
- Weekly progress pictures and body measurements
- Video analysis of your exercises to correct your form
- Lifestyle Habit building (sleep, rest days, de-stress techniques are just as important as training)


Read the F.A.Q or contact me below!

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