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Welcome to my blog NotSoBasicFitness.com! This section is an introduction to my blog, my business and to myself.

In this blog I write about my experiences with life and fitness. Positive, negative, and HONEST! My trials and errors. Learning and re-learning. My involvement in the fitness industry as a competitor and as a professional and as an outsider.

My Personal Fitness Journey:

I started training in 2011 when I was a student at the University of Waterloo. I was always tiny and weak. I was uncoordinated, imbalanced, and always low on energy. Daily tasks would wear me down. The university life of partying/drinking was not fulfilling. I needed a new hobby. I wanted an active hobby. And I wanted to be stronger and athletic. I wanted a lifestyle change. 

I had no athletic or fitness background so when I asked my friend to teach me how to lift, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was scared of going to the gym by myself and I was too weak to handle equipment. My friend took 3 months off his own training to teach me how to exercise properly. I will admit I was a bad trainee. I complained a lot about how heavy everything was and I was scared of getting hurt. There was no way I would have learnt anything on my own. There were many times both me and my friend were extremely frustrated. He was not a trainer, and being 2.5 times my size, he had no idea how to train a small female. I HATED that I was SO weak, and was determined to get better! So I did! I became obsessed with getting stronger and muscular. But I wasn’t getting stronger or muscular like I expected- so I did more research.

Biggest thing that needed to change was my eating. I had a slow metabolism and minimal appetite so I never gained any weight. My diet was junk food- coke, chips, pizza, outside food and alcohol- but I wasn’t eating enough of it so it didn’t show on my body. I used to think I ate SO MUCH food- so the first day I counted calories and saw that I was barely eating 800 calories per day, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it! Slowly I raised my calories to an acceptable amount for my bodyweight (90 lb) (1500/day) and that’s when I started seeing results. Yes it was hard in the beginning as I wasn’t used to eating more food. Excess carbs made me bloat, which I hated. I knew the bloat was temporary, and kept my focus on long term goals. In a year (2012-2013) my body composition had changed drastically.

beginning of my fitness journey2013 After one year of training and eating properly


As you can see in the picture below, in my first year of training (2011-2012) there isn’t much change in my body. Most of my information was coming from my friends and online, and I had no idea how to apply it to me. So I spun my wheels, tried many different things and ended up not getting anywhere. However I was determined to keep learning, differentiating proper information from useless fluff. I got to where I am today with a lot of trial and error. And I am 100% sure I would have achieved these results sooner if I had a coach or a mentor telling me exactly what to do. However six years ago there weren’t many coaches around and Instagram fitness wasn’t a thing! 


my fitness journey

From eating 800 calories per day to eating 1600!

Two years of training and eating properly!

Never in the past did I think or expect myself to look and perform the way I do now. Instead of focusing on how I look, I focused on how much fun I was having being in the gym. I was focused on learning. I really just wanted to be better than I was before. This has made all the difference- as you can see, it took me a long time to see results. If I had quit in the first few months because I didn’t see a difference, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I hope reading my story inspires you to make a change in your life NOW.

Much love and happy training! <3


My website: NotSoBasicFitness

I started this website so I could have a space where I can put all my knowledge for my clients, friends, family and everyone else. As a fitness professional, and someone people look up to, I have the responsibility to provide proper information regarding fitness and diet. There are too many gimmicks out there, too much misinformation, too many false “shortcuts” and a lot of dishonesty in the fitness industry.

Back in 2014, GoodLife was trying to hire me, they told me to use everything I can against the customer to get them to buy personal training. As in, persuade someone to buy a year of training when in reality they only need 6 months. The fact that most personal trainers were better at selling rather than training didn’t sit right with me either. I was also told to take all clients through the same workout. The managers cared more about sales and not at all about clients’ progress. All these things helped me make my decision to not to work at any box gym. This led me to start my own freelance Personal Training practice where I would provide ethical and efficient service to all my clients.

I am sick of seeing dedicated, intelligent people spin their wheels in the pursuit of their ideal body and health. From being sold gimmicky programs and diets to training at unethical commercial gyms- all in pursuit of health and fitness.

Even though I’ve been training clients since 2014, this business was part-time as I was in school and working at a corporate job. I decided to go full-time in 2016 as demand for my services increased. Since 2014, I have been helping women achieve their fitness goals as well as empower them to live a more authentic and balanced life. I have worked with women from all sorts of backgrounds, achieving all sorts of goals and I’m proud to say a lot of my clients have successfully integrated fitness in their daily lives!