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Let’s stop treating fitness as a means to an end…

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There is so much more to fitness than just looking good.

The thing with looks as a goal is that it takes a lot longer to achieve, which disheartens a lot of people. Fitness should be appreciated for what it is: a way to challenge your body to push through its limits.

Fitness in itself is also a way to get instant feedback- you watch yourself get better at complicated exercises, do pull ups, be able to squat your bodyweight with good form, get a few more reps on your favourite exercise each time you do it… That motivates you to keep getting better.

And getting better is the main thing about fitness, you must push yourself: it’s progressive overload – you have to try to get those last 2 reps, you must have a longer plank hold time than last time, you should increase the weight incrementally even if it’s challenging. It’s the small things that will make a difference in your physique. And these small goals take 2-3 weeks to achieve, whereas just a looks based goal can take months.

Imagine achieving these small goals every few weeks, wouldn’t that make you want to be even better?! Being fit is awesome and a lot more fun than just looking fit!