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Why Is Your Health Not a Priority?

Recently I was telling one of my clients that having some people around me who were interested in the same type of activities really helped me stick to my fitness lifestyle. First, at the University of Waterloo and after graduation, being part of community type gym Grunt Performance and Olympia and now Torque Barbell- all the people I interact with are there to improve themselves! It’s inspiring to me and pushes me forward.

Anyway, my client who is a physician and works in a clinic as well as a hospital replied saying that unfortunately everyone around her is obese. No one is interested in a healthy life-style. They don’t even want to try, seems like they have given up. Their lifestyle is usually: working, shopping, drinking, fast food, drugs, hours of TV … This was very sad to hear- these are the places and people we associate health with. And these aren’t the only people with this sort of lifestyle. I know so many people who would spend $$$ on a night out drinking and complain about buying healthy food because it’s expensive.

Is this really what our society has come to? WHY is health not a priority?! Even to health-care professionals! These are the people who are at the fore-front of the health industry. What use is anything else if you don’t have your health? Your body is going to be around much much longer than that new item you splurged on! Why not feed yourself better food? Why not get guidance on proper nutrition and training?


It’s very shocking to me- do you LIKE to feel low on energy eating food that has no nutritional value? Do you like how you look? Do you like the idea of being a negative role model to people who look up to you? Do you like knowing that YOU have complete control over yourself and you’re doing nothing about it?!


Benefits of proper training and nutrition:

– looking good is obvious but lets more on to actual health benefits

– stronger immune system: meaning you get sick less

– higher productivity: less wasted time

– weight management

– increased energy throughout the day: you can do more things in your day

– mental health benefits: increases endorphins

– better sleep, better SEX LIFE, beautiful skin

– lowered heart rate, reduced risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s

– increased confidence!

– ability to do everyday tasks with ease: without breaking your back!

– good role model for everyone around you: doing good

– PAIN reduction: your back, knees, wrists, neck, etc won’t hurt anymore….

My awesome client who has experienced all of these benefits.

I can keep going forever… but now your turn:┬áCan YOU tell me why Health is NOT a priority to you? WHAT is stopping you?!