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Goal Setting for your Health and Fitness

Goal setting is the practical habit that makes fitness manageable for me. My long-term fitness goals will take me years to achieve. Am I going to let that scare me or worse, stop me? Absolutely not!

There’s so much in the world of fitness that you can use to help you towards your long-term goals. This year I had two short-term fitness goals: get in shape in time for summer and get stronger without getting injured. Both took around 6 months to achieve. To achieve my  the first goal, I signed up for a photoshoot in January so I can be in shape by May (see pics here). I’m not perfect, if I didn’t have that photoshoot set up, I wouldn’t have gone through a weight-loss phase (I love food 🍟🍩🍷). To achieve my second goal I sought out @nick.witczak(most knowledgeable strength coach in the GTA) in August to help me learn powerlifting, and get stronger without pain.


After smashing these goals, I can now move on to my 2018 fitness goals: getting in shape again but for a bikini competition next summer! And getting stronger for a powerlifting competition next winter! These small goals will help me achieve bigger goals down the road.

Goal setting is a skill and skills get easier the more you practice. My very first fitness goal back in 2011 was to squat 95 lb, deadlift 135 lb and bench 65 lb for one rep! And my second goal was to look like I work out!! 😄Every year I’ve had goals- some I achieved some I didn’t, but all of them got me a step closer to my final goal!


Remember: Your goals must be SMART

S: Specific – not just “get healthy” but “start training 2-3 times a week” or “sleep 8 hours a night at least 3 times a week” etc

M: Measurable – you must be able to track your progress!

A: Attainable – You know your limits- can you lose 20 lb in one month? Can you lose 20 lb in 4 months? It’s better to be realistic.

R: Relevant – You must want to do it. If the timing isn’t right or if you are not really concerned about it, it’s not the right goal. Pick something that is relevant to your life, not because it’s something you “should” do.

T: Time-bound – Having a realistic deadline is extremely motivating.


Set daily goals: eat veggies twice today; set weekly goals: weight-train 3 times this week, set monthly goals: alcohol only 4 times this month, set quarterly goals: Lose 10 lb in 3 months, set yearly goals: Be in the best shape!

Believe me when I say this: small goals add up!

Now, keeping the SMART goals in mind, what are your fitness goals for 2018?!

Take time to think and write it down, even let everyone know, after all…. There’s power in committing to something publicly  💙