The Power of Transformation


Recently I had a client contact me because she saw my transformation picture- Her exact words were: “you give me hope, the power of transformation is immense, it makes me believe that I, too, can do what you have done”


And it really made me think- when I was starting out, I looked at other women with beautiful bodies and I wanted one of my own. I never felt jealousy or envy- only positive feelings that I can also achieve this. I was inspired by the fact that NO ONE is born like this, anyone who looks like this has put in the work over time. And that’s all I had to do, put in consistent work and give it time. Not all at once just to burn out and give up. Fitness is a journey, not a sprint- you’re in it for the long haul, not a few weeks or months.


I wasn’t destined to have this life- this is definitely not what comes to your mind when you think of a typical Pakistani female. We didn’t even have sports growing up. Only one direction that is hammered into our brains from the day we are born: marriage and a traditional career. You can imagine the obstacles I had in pursing this lifestyle, a dream so different. And not just by people around me, but myself- feeling like I have two different personalities and I wasn’t sure who I was- I was supposed to be someone else, to fit in with my culture, but I couldn’t keep living two lives… that sort of intense cultural dissonance will make anyone depressed. I had enough reasons to NOT pursue this life- take a safe path that everyone else takes. But I had a dream, a difficult dream, but a dream that made me believe that I can transform my life to be exactly the way I want it to be! I was the happiest going through the requirements to reach my goal. Never depressed, never feeling anything negative in pursuit of my dream. And yes these were the toughest years of my life- but it was the dream that kept me going. I believed in the Power of Transformation. 


I transformed from being depressed and suicidal to happy, healthy and loving my life. From aimless, lost, party girl to driven entrepreneur. And no it didn’t happen in one day- but I had made the decision from the very beginning to transform my body, my life- and every little thing I did following that decision was to achieve this dream.


So If I can do it, what is stopping you?

All you have to do is believe you can also achieve a transformation, and you’re already half-way there. If you’re interested in transforming your body, get in touch!