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30 Day CHALLENGE: For the Love of Food…

How many times have you heard your friend or colleague say they are going on a 30- day detox? Or following a 2 month no-carb program? or dieting for a few weeks before their big event (vacation, wedding, etc)

And how many times have you seen these people gain all the weight back? or develop an unhealthy, fearful  relationship with food? Attach negative feelings to food, and with it, to the people and the events that relate to it?

Is that really a way to live? Food is to be enjoyed and loved. Food is a basic necessity, food brings people together. Food is an important part of every culture. Almost every event is celebrated with food. If you are travelling to different countries, you better be eating all the different food they have to offer- without feeling guilty about it!


So what if there was a way to enjoy food, love life AND be fit? There is and it’s called “small lifestyle changes that will bring big results over time” and that’s exactly what it is: small changes you can make every day that will amplify your love for food, minimise your waistline,


It requires a little more preparation and thoughtfulness. Some small changes you can implement starting today:

  • adding more protein to your daily meals even if you’re eating out- there are protein rich options available everywhere
  • limiting the number of sugary deliciousness- you don’t have to eat all 6 cookies, 1 or 2 are good enough
  • raise your standards for food quality: less fake ingredients that you can’t even pronounce and more real food
  • eat your meals slower and savour every bite rather than scarfing it down in 2 minutes
  • drink more water with your meals


And there are many other things you can try- but start with just one or two of these. How about instead of a “30 day no-carb diet”, you try a “30-day eat more protein with each meal diet”? Some ideal ways of doing this are to add more lean meat to your food, add extra egg whites to your eggs in the morning, have a protein shake as your mid-afternoon snack, have some greek yogurt or cottage cheese as a bedtime snack. If you give this a try for 30 days, you will 100% see a difference in your body as well as your hunger level, mental alertness, energy level and cravings throughout the day.



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Thomas Powell

Hi Khadeejah

You probably don’t get many male followers commenting but I just want to thank you for your posts. I try and find any and all inspirations for fitness and nutrition to further my progress and you’ve helped me a lot. Thanks again


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