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The Importance of Coaching

Well as most of you know, I’ve had a coach for a few months now. My requirement for a coach came by as I was getting very busy with my life, and even though I was training and progressing, I did not have time to create a specific program for my goals- I was doing random workouts without much thought to them- as all my brain power was going to my clients. Even if I did create a program, I wouldn’t follow it 100%- I’d skip exercises that I didn’t like or workout on days I wasn’t supposed to.

A good coach takes into consideration a person’s lifestyle, their training habits, their injuries, their requirements and their goals. For example, I love to train so I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week- however being a natural athlete, that wasn’t giving me much results as I was overtraining and not recovering. Essentially my muscles would be too tired to workout again but I would workout anyway, fully aware that recovery is important! Being a fitness professional, you’d think I’d listen to my body and take a rest day- but nope. Similarly, on days I just don’t feel like going to the gym, because I’ve had a busy day and I’m exhausted, I go and do what I have to. So having a coach and a program to follow added extra accountability that I didn’t even know I needed.


Other benefits I’ve experienced by having a coach as well as by being a coach to my clients:

More free time, less stress: Instead of worrying about my own training and double guessing if I’m making progress, I have a coach doing all of that for me. I just have to go to the gym, train according to the program and leave. This gives me a ton of free time to focus on my clients and their progress! Same with my clients- they don’t have to worry about if what they are doing is going to get them results or not.

Expertise: If you’re not knowledgeable in the project you’re trying to tackle, you may not come up with an effective plan at all. You need an expert to tell you what is best for you. My coach is a Powerlifting Coach, which is what I want to improve. My clients need to improve their physique and overall health and fitness which is why they contact me. If I needed help with my taxes, I go to my accountant. I can do my own taxes if I tried however I’m sure I would miss something.

Gets you doing rather than planning to do: A coach lays out your plan and you have to follow it. You sign up for it, pay for it, set up weekly appointments with your coach to go over your progress… these are bound to push you into taking action.

Keeps you honest: You may think you don’t need help with a certain part- however that exact part may be holding back your progress.

Makes you see yourself in a different light: A good coach will point out your weaknesses and strengths that you may not know about.
Sometimes, you may think you’re not progressing and might feel like quitting, but your coach may see it differently.

Keeps you engaged: Constant communication with your coach keeps you involved in the process. You start to “own” it and improve on it.

Personal cheerleader: working towards a goal alone is good, but knowing that you have someone helping you achieve your goal is a huge help. Tackling a huge goal by yourself is hard- oftentimes it requires sacrifice and pain. Friends and family might not support your new lifestyle choices and you may start to feel alone. In those times it definitely helps having someone in your corner.

Helps with goal setting: To achieve a big goal, you have to achieve a bunch of small goals first. What are your small goals that will lead to the big change? Most of the time you don’t even know what the small goals are so being able to figure it out with a coach helps a lot.
Also, being able to share small victories with your coach is a great way to stay motivated!

Keeps you on the path: So you don’t fall off after putting in so much time and effort. You may have a bad week and might think there’s no point in starting over again, however, your coach can show you ways of starting exactly where you left off with minimal lost progress.


And these are just a few benefits of having a coach! The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%. Such a high chance of achieving your goal- what better benefit can there be of having a coach?! 


If you’re finally 100% ready and dedicated to smash your fitness goals, read more about my coaching program here!


Much love and yours in health,