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You Don’t Have To Do It All Right Now

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you have to do to be fit? There’s just so much information out there- So many exercises, so many diet plans, so many fitness gurus saying so many things. What is a newbie to do? You just want to get in shape…. And it will just take forever to get fit and healthy! Well, first of all, time will pass anyway- a year from now you can be almost where you want to be or you can be the exact same.


And second, if you don’t have a coach guiding you, you don’t have any obligation to follow any of that on social media. You don’t have to work out 7 times a week, you don’t have to do cardio twice a day because someone on social media said so. You don’t have to cut out favourite foods! The only time you HAVE to do something is if your knowledgeable coach/trainer is telling you to do.


If you are on your own, all you have to do is to do something… and a bit more the next time.


Create habits. Baby steps. Today you did 20 mins of cardio, next time, do 25 mins. You ate nutritious and healthy meals five days in a row, you can most certainly treat yo-self on the weekend with your friends and family. And so what if you ate a bit too much of your favourite dessert? Next time you won’t. My first year of training I used to drink coke and eat bags of chips every week and never felt guilty – after 6 months or so, I’d have a bit and not feeling like finishing the whole bag in one sitting. Now, after years of this lifestyle, I still like junk food and I’ll still eat it if I buy it- but I’m just not tempted to buy it.


None of the fitness models you are inspired by started off the way they are now. I didn’t do exercises perfectly when I first started. We all started somewhere and that’s what you need to do. Start somewhere but focus on GRADUAL IMPROVEMENT. Not stagnation. Not “do things the way we always do”. Not “it’s not working so I should quit”. Think about why it’s not working. Research proper ways of dieting and training. Take free online advice with a grain of salt. Lots of followers does not mean the person knows what they are doing! But there is also good advice online-  Find proof of what works and doesn’t work. Try different things. Don’t be a sheep and accept everything at face value. Open your mind, use critical thinking that you learnt in school. Get a mentor. Get a coach or a trainer to help you out and set you on the right track.


Don’t be overwhelmed, don’t be intimidated, don’t give up. Your health and fitness is a project and just like any project, there are many steps to take before you reach your goal.